Water Bubble

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This allows any Pokemon to travel through water, regardless of type. This bubble is rather fragile, however, so care must be taken not to break it. They can sometimes be found growing off of trees...

The Water Bubble is a fairly common tool that allows any Pokemon to safely cross large bodies of water. The bubble is applied when it is broken by the user (usually between fingertips or a pincer), causing it to expand and engulf the user's entire body. When the user wants to remove it, they must pop the bubble from within - a risky and somewhat intimidating process, but it's the only known way of doing it.

While in a Water Bubble, a Pokemon will remain completely dry and untouched by the water and any other elements it may be used to protect from. However, the bubble is rather fragile. If it comes into contact with a sharp object for long enough, it will burst. In addition, the enclosed Pokemon will be unable to use most physical moves; some attacks such as Psychic or Ghost-types can strike an opponent without rupturing the bubble. Once a bubble has burst, either on accident or on purpose, it will no longer be usable again.

Water Bubbles are produced as the fruit of a unique tree known as a Bubble Tree, which is characterized by its pure blue leaves and bluish-tan bark. The bubbles at earlier stages are even more fragile than the fully developed versions, so some of them are broken before they are ripe, often from the tree's own branches.