In Dimension Number 2, a Pokemon may very well be able to learn a move that contradicts its own type through methods such as Advanced Moves or the Tutor Helmet. When this happens, the power of the move is weakened to about 3/4 its original power. In the event that there are two conflicts (Fire Blast learned by Lapras, for example) the power is reduced to 1/2 of the original.

Possible conflictsEdit

  • Normal: None
  • Fire: Water; Ice
  • Water: Fire
  • Grass: Steel
  • Electric: Rock
  • Ice: Fire
  • Fighting: Psychic
  • Poison: None
  • Ground: Electric; Flying
  • Flying: None
  • Psychic: Dark
  • Bug: Dragon
  • Rock: Flying
  • Ghost: Fighting; Ground
  • Dragon: None
  • Dark: Psychic
  • Steel: Bug and Grass


There are exceptions to the conflict rule, however. If a Pokemon's type designations are conflicts (such as Gligar's being Ground/Flying) the conflict doesn't apply. Also, if a move that conflicts the user's type is learned by level-up - that is, part of its original moveset from Dimension Number 1 - the power remains the same.

Also, a Pokemon can train with a conflicting type. With enough training, the Pokemon overcomes the type mismatch and can use the conflicting move as well as any other Pokemon could. However, this usually requires the assistance of a specialized trainer, or a Combo Disk in the Tutor Helmet.