Thief Hammer

Item Type


Canon Inventor

Dr. Porygon

User Inventor




Short Effect Description

Use this as the finishing blow on an enemy to steal their current form if successful.

This powerful hammer, one of the latest inventions by the esteemed Dr. Porygon, absorbs the physical energy of the target and transfers it to the wielder. If the target's will is strong enough, it can prevent the energy transaction, and so the operator of the hammer (or some other force) must weaken the target beforehand. The physical energy is taken in by the user and becomes a Form that they may transform into at will. In essence, the Thief Hammer is used to steal a Form from a weakened Pokemon.

Most every aspect of the Form is transferred - species, Power, coloration, distinct features, even gender. Sometimes, however, the coloration may vary to match that of the user's style; this is due to a bug in the hammer which Dr. Porygon has been working on for quite some time, but hasn't been able to figure out. Most Pokemon do not mind, however, as they typically use the hammer for the species and Power.

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