Synth Pendant

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Canon Inventor

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Currently none

Short Effect Description

A pendant with a half of a jewel on the end of it. If the pendant is combined with another, the two users undergo a sort of fusion.

A Synth Pendant is a necklace that is designed to fit with another as two halves of a whole. When two pendants are combined, the users, essentially, also combine. The result is a "fused" Pokemon, one which has all of the Forms of both Pokemon put together.

The Power of all these Forms is boosted to the combination of the average of each of the individual's Forms (rounded up). Each Form will be able to use all of their respective Advanced Moves. In addition, the fusion's effective Form limit becomes 12, as there will be two different mental presences, the combination of which can handle twice as many Forms.

The resulting fusion's minds will also have fused, but the component individuals' spirits will not; and therefore, there will be two minds within the same brain, and ultimately they will both have full access to the control of the body. They can also communicate with each other through thought alone.

When the pendant is taken apart, the fusion is reversed and both individuals will return to normal. However, each one will receive the full amount of fatigue that they accumulated in the fused form, which could cause either one (or both) to collapse. If the fusion is held too long, the resulting unfusion could be potentially fatal.

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