The Strategic Pool is one of the ten Nature Pools, available to any Pokemon that has a Strategic nature.

Moves in this poolEdit

Name Lv By Type State Direct Power Acc. T. Pool Nature Range Effect
Chart of Moves in the Strategic Pool
Acid Spore 1 Digi Psn Other N/A N/A 80 Psn Strat 1 foe Causes burn
Analyze 1 Halo Elc Other N/A N/A 100 Elc Strat self Raises Acc. Evas. and Crit for next turn
Boulder Crash 1 Digi Rck Phys No 80 ? Rck Strat 1 foe Accuracy depends on user's perception
Buzzer 1 Digi Bug Other N/A N/A N/A Bug Strat all foes Reduces ATK and SA
Clamp Kick 1 Digi Ftg Phys Yes 25 100 Ftg Hasty/Strat 1 foe 5-hit
Dagger Feather 1 Halo Fly Phys No 20 100 Fly Strat 1 foe Five-hit
Dragon Tail 2 Blah Drg Phys Yes 60 90/70 Drg Strat 1 foe Can aim foe's flight at the cost of accuracy
Drain Kick 2 Digi Ftg Phys Yes 60 100 Ftg/Grs Strat 1 foe Absorbs 1/2 of damage done
Elemental Pummel 3 Digi ??? Phys Yes 50/100 85 Nrm Strat 1 foe Bonuses of E. Burst
Ice Pulse 1 Digi Ice Spec No 75 95 Wtr Strat 1 foe 30% chance of freeze
Iron Ball 2 Digi Stl Phys No 95 65 Stl Strat 1 foe Damage
Levi-Hurl 1 Digi Psy Spec ? ? 90 Psy Strat 1 foe Throws levitated object, power depends on object
Mind-Transfer 2 Digi Psy Other N/A N/A 60 Psy Strat 1 foe Possession of the foe's body
Mud Missile 1 Blah Gnd Phys No 40 90 Gnd Strat 1 foe Can hit Flying-type
Psi-Kick 1 Digi Psy Phys Yes 60 85 Psy Strat 1 foe Damage
Psi-Punch 1 Digi Psy Phys Yes 40 95 Psy Strat 1 foe Damage
Shadow Paralysis 1 Digi Drk Other N/A N/A 90 Drk Strat 1 foe Causes the foe to mimic the user's movements
Sneaky Vine 1 Digi Grs Phys Yes 40 100+ Grs Strat 1 foe Damage
StimuPowder 1 Digi Grs Other N/A N/A 90 Grs Strat 1 any Raises ATK and SA, but causes confusion
Warp Kick 1 Digi Gst Phys Yes 50 95 Psy/Gst Strat 1 foe Damage
Warp Tail 2 Digi Psy Phys Yes 80 100 Psy Strat 1 foe Damage

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