Spirit Stone
Spirit Stone

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Short Effect Description

Use this item to possess someone's body.

The Spirit Stone is a smooth, silver-colored rock that can only be found in the Opal Mountains. Although this item is only found in one place, finding a Spirit Stone is no easy task. If one hopes to find such a rare rock, they must search long and hard in the caverns of Opal Mountain.

By clutching the Spirit Stone tightly and concentrating on a Pokemon, the user is granted the surprising ability to possess that Pokemon's body. The spirit of the Pokemon who is possessed will go into a deep sleep and will not remember anything when it regains control of it's body.

Such a powerful stone does have it's limitations. A Pokemon with more power then the user cannot be possessed. Once the user posses another body, they cannot stray too far away from their own body or they will be forced out of the body they are currently possessing. Also, while the user is in another body, they will not be able to feel what is happening to their own body. If their orginal body is harmed in anyway, they will be forced back to the body and be greatly fatigued. Using the Spirit Stone takes a lot of mental energy anyway and can usually only be used for 30-60 minutes at a time. The Spirit Stone takes 24 hours to recharge after every use.

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