Shiny Dust

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Canon Inventor


User Inventor


Short Effect Description

Use this powder to change into a shiny Pokemon.

At first, Shiny Dust seems only to be a mere cosmetic. As it turns out, this powder does more then beautify the skin of it's user. When this item is sprinkled on a normally colored Pokemon, the Pokemon changes to the shiny version of its species. If it is sprinkled on a Pokemon that is already shiny, the exact opposite happens; they change into the normal version of their species. Any differently colored Pokemon that is not considered shiny will still have their colors changed to their species shiny version when using this item. The effects are not permanent; they only last for an hour per use. Pokemon wearing Shiny Dust will also be invulnerable to status conditions for that hour, but it's still more of an item for appearance then battle. It does, however, have up to three uses.

Shiny Dust first appeared in Dimension Number 2's first Egg Day, from Diamond's yellow egg.