The Sadistic Pool is one of the ten Nature Pools, available to any Pokemon that has a Sadistic nature.

Moves in this poolEdit

Name Lv By Type State Direct Power Acc. T. Pool Nature Range Effect
Chart of Moves in the Sadistic Pool
Assassination 3 Digi Drk Phys Yes KO 30/50 Drk Sadist 1 foe Accuracy increases if attempted from behind
Double Clone 2 Digi Drk Other N/A N/A N/A Drk Sadist self Creates clones
Eroding Storm 2 Blah Wtr Spec No 45 100 Elc/Wtr Sadist all 20% chance of flinching; may trap foe
Fear Strike 1 Halo Gst Phys Yes 75 85 Gst/Drg Sadist 1 foe 30% chance of flinching
Hidden Claw 3 Halo Drk Phys Yes 25 80 Drk Sadist 1 foe 30% chance of KO; Five-hit
Intimidating Glare 1 Halo Drg Other N/A N/A 95 Drg Sadist 1 foe Lowers ATK and SPD, but raises DEF
Leaf Cutter 1 Digi Grs Phys Yes 60 90 Grs Sadist 1 foe 30% chance of flinching
Metal Slash 1 Digi Stl Phys Yes 60 80 Stl Sadist 1 foe High Crit ratio
Poison Gash 2 Roo Psn Phys Yes 75 90 Psn Sadist 1 foe 30% chance of poison; 50% of lowering SA
Quicksand 3 Blah Gnd Other N/A N/A N/A Gnd Sadist ? foes Traps foes, forcing indirect moves; faint after 3 turns
Root Strike 1 Digi Grs Phys No 40 90 Grs Sadist 1 foe Power doubles after Ingrain
Shadow Blade 2 Digi Drk Phys Yes 70 100 Drk Sadist 1 foe Damage
Shadow Drain 2 Digi Gst Phys Yes 80 95 Drk Sadist 1 foe Absorbs 1/2 of damage done
Soul Stare 2 Blah Drk Spec No 70 100 Drk Sadist 1 foe 20% chance of confusion
Speedbeat 2 Digi Nrm Phys Yes 120 75 Nrm/Ftg Sadist 1 foe Boosts foe's Crit if user misses
Stone Crusher 1 Digi Rck Phys No 50+ 80 Rck Sadist 1 foe Power increases on smaller foes
Tail Slash 1 Digi Nrm Phys Yes 60 90 Nrm Sadist 1 foe Damage
Tazer Slam 1 Blah Elc Phys Yes 60 80 Elc Sadist 1 foe 50% chance of paralyze
Toxic Scythe 1 Blah Psn Phys Yes 75 50 Psn Sadist 1 foe Badly poisons
Water Blast 1 Digi Wtr Spec No 50/100 95/70 Wtr Sadist 1 foe Damage; can be either weak or strong

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