The Rock Pool is one of the seventeen Type Pools, available to any Pokemon that has the Rock-type.

Moves in this poolEdit

Name Lv By Type State Direct Power Acc. T. Pool Nature Range Effect
Chart of Moves in the Rock-type Pool
Boulder Crash 1 Digi Rck Phys No 80 ? Rck Strat 1 foe Accuracy depends on user's perception
Diamond Dash 3 Blah Rck Phys Yes 100 75 Rck Obliv 1 foe Ignore resistances; high Crit; 50% recoil
Horn Roll 2 Snover Rck Phys Yes 50 95 Rck Ruth 1 foe Five-turn, increasing power
Katamari 1 Blah Rck Phys Yes 20x 100- Rck Frnd any Adds 20 Power for each Pokemon hit
Metal Shroud 2 Halo Stl Other N/A N/A 100 Stl/Rck Timid self Barrier; greatly increases Def and SD but user can't attack
Pitfall 1 Blah Gnd Spec No 20 95 Gnd/Rck Ttfl 1 foe Creates a pit; Rock-type move does 2x damage on next turn
Rock Fortress 1 Snover Rck Other N/A N/A N/A Rck/Gnd Timid self Blocks indirect attacks
Rock Rocket 2 Blah Rck Phys Yes 150 60 Rck Rand 1 foe Causes 50-100% recoil depending on if it hits
Shield Crush 1 Blah Stl Phys Yes 80 90 Stl/Rck Ruth 1 foe Damage
Spinout 2 Blah Rck Phys Yes 40+ 90 Rck Frnd ? foes Five-turn move
Stone Crusher 1 Digi Rck Phys No 50+ 80 Rck Sadist 1 foe Power increases on smaller foes
Stone Fist 1 Digi Rck Phys Yes 70 80 Rck/Ftg Ruth 1 foe 10% chance of flinching
Stone Spire 2 Halo Rck Spec No 100 75 Rck Insec 1 foe Can launch foe airborne