Regression Limeade
Regression Limeade

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Short Effect Description

A Pokemon who drinks this will instantly devolve.

Regression Limeade is the exact opposite of Power Lemonade, which means that any Pokemon that drinks it will instantly devolve to their previous form. Despite both items being rare, devolving is usually seen as a negative thing, and so Regression Limeade is not seen nearly as often as Power Lemonade.

Pokemon that are already at their lowest form will become an egg and have to wait awhile to hatch. Their power will not be reset if this happens, but there is the scary possiblity of getting amnesia after hatching.

However, Pokemon that hatch from an egg after drinking the Limeade will gain the opportunity to learn an Egg Move, and the effects of amnesia usually wear off after 2-4 weeks, or if a familiar stimuli is introduced to the Pokemon.

Legendaries are totally immune to Regression Limeade. They will not become eggs; nothing will happen if they drink it.

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