The Random Pool is one of the ten Nature Pools, available to any Pokemon that has a Random nature.

Moves in this poolEdit

Name Lv By Type State Direct Power Acc. T. Pool Nature Range Effect
Chart of Moves in the Random Pool
Cheery Beam 2 Birdy Nrm Spec No 80 90 Gst/Bug Rand 1 foe 10% chance of Illusion
Chocolate Rain 1 Halo Wtr Other N/A N/A 100 Wtr Rand all Lowers Acc. Eating chocolate lowers Acc even more, but raises SPD
Earth Pillar 1 Blah Gnd Spec No 20/60 90 Gnd Rand 1 foe Can be weak or strong
Epic Wave 2 Digi Gst Spec No 70 60 Gst Rand 1 foe Can blast through other moves
Honey Shot 1 Blah Bug Other N/A N/A 90 Bug Rand 1 foe Lowers SPD and Accuracy
Ice Decoy 1 Blah Ice Other N/A N/A 80 Ice Rand self Creates a quick substitute
LAZOR 3 Woms Elc Spec No 151 100 N/A Rand all foes Charge for 1 turn, recharge 1 turn, 80% chance of paralyze
Magma Slaughter 3 Roo Fir Phys Yes 120 100 Fir Rand ? foes Damage
Mud Pit 1 Digi Gnd Other N/A N/A N/A Gnd Rand self Traps a foe if they get too close
Pokésicle 1 Digi Ice Phys Yes 20 75 Ice Rand 1 foe 50% chance of freeze
Random Beam 2 Digi ??? Spec No 80 90 Psy Rand 1 foe Type is Random
Rawr 1 Halo Drg Other N/A N/A 100 Drg Rand 1 foe Lowers ATK and 30% chance of flinching, but raises Evas.
Rock Rocket 2 Blah Rck Phys Yes 150 60 Rck Rand 1 foe Causes 50-100% recoil depending on if it hits
Shrapnel 1 Blah Stl Phys No 50 75 Stl Rand EE Damage
Sonic Blast 2 Roo Elc Spec No 90 75 Drg/Stl Rand all Lowers SD sharply. Causes recoil to user.
Spring Jump 2 Woms Fly Phys Yes 90 85 Nrm/Fly Rand 1 foe Damage
Tail Burner 1 Digi Fir Spec No 50 85 Fir Rand 1 foe 30% chance of burn
Virus 2 Blah Psn Spec No 30 75 Psn Rand 1 foe Halves all stats; 5-turn; Absorbs damage; Stats are doubled for turn after recovery
Zigzag 1 Digi Nrm Other N/A N/A 70 Nrm Rand ? foes Greater chance of dodging an attack, and landing the next one
Zigzag Attack 1 Blah Nrm Phys Yes 60 100+ Nrm/Ftg Rand 1 foe Damage