Pink Bubble

Item Type


Canon Inventor

Dr. Porygon

User Inventor




Short Effect Description

A much more useful version of the Water Bubble. When equipped, it conforms to the exact shape of the user and allows them to use any move that would work underwater.

The Pink Bubble is a genetically modified Water Bubble that, instead of surrounding the user with a spherical shape, conforms to the exact shape of the user, following every surface and face to a precisely calculated extent. The Pink Bubble was invented by renowned scientist Dr. Porygon, and is now being distributed to local retail stores for a small amount of profit.

When a Pink Bubble is broken, it expands similarly to a Water Bubble and surrounds the user; afterwards, it shrinks down again, leaving only a very tight amount of cushion. Through special filtering pores in the surface, the user is able to breathe normally in any environment that contains oxygen. This also minimizes the bubble's contact, making it feel as though there were nothing there. To make this item even more useful, any move or attack can be used while wearing it, as long as the environment allows it (Fire-type moves still won't work underwater, for instance). Finally, it can be reused over and over again as many times as needed and won't pop if stricken by a pointed object.

One can always tell when another is wearing a Pink Bubble - their skin appears somewhat reflective and tinted pink.