Setting Edit

"This path runs through a forest and is rather easy to get through. Perfect for those just starting out."

The North Road could be considered the first 'obstacle' on an adventurer's quest throughout the Dimension. A route that takes the adventurer to Grass Town, but one that is almost completely over-run with forest. In some of the more heavily forested areas, even seeing the sky can be difficult. Still, as long as an adventurer is smart and travels through this road during the daytime, the forest can take on a seemingly peaceful area. Aside from, of course, some dangerous Pokemon in the area.

While more often than not a home for various Normal, Grass, Bug and other forest-dwelling Pokemon-types, occasionally other types of Pokemon have been known to cross through.

Adventures Edit

This route is considered one of the safer routes to travel on. To a native Pokemon, the North Road would not be considered particularly dangerous - the Pokemon around here are usually more mischievous than dangerous, hiding in the woods and causing trouble - though this doesn't stop some Pokemon from traversing the woods with much more dangerous intent, to steal Power from Pokemon, human or not, in a wild bid to get stronger.

However, for a human, new to the Dimension, the North Road can be a lot more dangerous, having no idea what to expect what will come up. However, as long as humans keep their wits about them - and preferably, travel through the daytime - the North Road can be conquered without too much difficulty.

Almost all humans that have come to Dimension Number 2 have taken this route - mostly through the daytime. One exception to the rule is Lee, whom decided to travel the North Road at night, despite it being somewhat more dangerous.

Fate Edit

With the occurrence of the Dimensional Shift, the Creator's radical recreation of Dimension Number 2, the North Road was effectively destroyed.

While not effectively 'replaced', the area most similar to the North Road is the Aina Forest in Tunican.