Riolu and Lucario masks

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Short Effect Description

If one is donned by a Pokemon, their Form changes to the one contained within the mask.

Throughout DN2's history, several masks have been found depicting different species of Pokemon that date back to ancient times. When the masks are worn, the Pokemon assumes the form that the mask resembles, and the form cannot be changed until the mask is taken off.

Each mask contains every parameter that a form contains; Power, species, coloration, gender, and so on. However, the mask's form cannot gain power from battles, items, or other normal means.

Masks are quite rare, and are worth a good amount on any market, but those that do possess masks (and decide to keep rather than sell them) have been known to use them strategically; such as an extra form in combat or as a disguise. Allies may occasionally trade masks in mid-battle to change up their tactics.

Cursed MasksEdit

Some masks have a sort of enchantment, or curse, put upon them. When worn, the mask cannot be taken off, limiting the user to only the mask's form and abilities.

There are only a handful of Pokemon in the dimension who know how to remove a mask in such a situation. This is a ritual known as 'Purification'. If a cursed mask is purified, it becomes an ordinary mask and can be freely donned and removed.

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