Legendary Pokemon are, as could be expected, legendary - stronger, faster, smarter, and all-around more powerful than normal Pokemon. They're also quite rare, usually one of a kind throughout the dimension. They like to keep hidden until desperate situations, so if you found one, it's probably out to kill you.

It is rumored that every Legendary Pokemon is a direct agent of the Creator himself, and will carry out his wishes without hesitation.


Legendaries and normal Pokemon function differently in several ways.

Firstly, neither Power Lemonade nor Regression Limeade have any effect on them, since legendaries can't evolve nor do they hatch from eggs (most of the time).

Secondly, Legendaries are so powerful that they cannot handle having multiple Forms, even those of normal Pokemon. Normal Pokemon that somehow acquire a legendary form lose access to their original form(s) immediately, and cannot be used again until the legendary form is lost.

Ditto can transform into a legendary Pokemon if they have seen one, but it will appear slightly smaller and none of its moves will be nearly as powerful as that of a real Legendary.

Legendary SightingsEdit

A few legendaries have already been sighted in the dimension, though very rarely can proof be obtained or presented. The following is a list of all reported sightings:

  • Articuno - Seen on top of the Imposing Mountains before the Dimensional Shift. It was defeated by Darwin and two of his companions, revealing it to be a robotic copy of the real thing. An Articuno also attacked Rokaru, but there was no telling whether it was a living creature or the same robot.
  • Suicune - Approached Jennifer in North Road. She told her that the Creator had been brainwashing legendaries to attack other Pokemon, especially humans, and asked for her help in rebellion. After the legendary left, she was never seen or heard from again...
  • Celebi - Seen traveling around with Darwin before the Dimensional Shift; but the event caused their separation. The Celebi (named Liana)was later found by Cutler, who promised to help her find her "papa".
  • Groudon - Seen attacking two innocent Pokemon for unknown reasons. After a confusing battle with Cutler and his Pachirisu friend, the beast seemed to disappear.
  • Jirachi - Anyone who dies in the dimension has a chance to meet Jirachi. Only a handful of Pokemon have been resurrected and can attribute to seeing him.

Other NotesEdit

The item Rare Cake will allow a normal Pokemon to transform into a Legendary for a limited time.

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