Knight's Sword

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Canon Inventor


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Short Effect Description

A smooth, sharp, steel blade forged by a renowned blacksmith.

Recently, some rumors have been spreading around the dimension, mainly Daetus, of a legendary sword that is said to slice through steel like butter. This is the Knight's Sword, forged in an intense heat by a master of steelworking. They say that only a half-dozen of these swords exist in the world, and if you can get a hold of one, then you wield the deadliest weapon in Dimension Number 2.

Though, it would be difficult to train oneself with any sword, let alone this rare blade, due to the lack of swordsmen in a Pokemon world. It is also rumored that some Dimensional Guard elites have been trained in edged weaponry, and if you were to come across one wielding a Knight's Sword, you'd might as well be dead.

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