The Insecure Pool is one of the ten Nature Pools, available to any Pokemon that has a Insecure nature.

Moves in this poolEdit

Name Lv By Type State Direct Power Acc. T. Pool Nature Range Effect
Chart of Moves in the Insecure Pool
Crazed Kick 1 Digi Ftg Phys Yes 20 90 Ftg Insec 1 foe Five-hit
Drain Clutch 1 Digi Grs Spec Yes 15 100 Grs Insec 1 foe Absorbs all damage done
Earth Dart 1 Digi Gnd Phys No 15 100+ Gnd Insec 1 foe 50% chance of flinching
Elemental Burst 1 Digi ??? Spec No ? 95 Nrm Insec 1 foe Additional effects based on user type
Flare 1 Digi Fir Other No N/A/15% 80 Fir Insec 1 foe If HP is higher than target's, lower accuracy, else deal damage
Hose 1 Blah Wtr Spec No 10 100 Wtr Insec 1 foe Ignore resistances; high Crit; 50% recoil
Ice Wall 2 Digi Ice Other N/A N/A 100 Ice Insec self Reflects Spec attacks
Mirage 1 Digi Gst Other N/A N/A 80 Gst Insec 1 foe Causes Illusion
Mythic Aura 1 Digi Drg Other N/A N/A N/A Drg Insec allies Doubles DEF and SD; halves ATK, SA, and SPD
Ninja Kick 1 Digi Ftg Phys Yes 75 80 Ftg/Drk Insec 1 foe Damage
Ninja Wing 1 Digi Fly Phys Yes 65 100 Fly Insec 1 foe Damage
Pickup 1 Digi Nrm Other Yes N/A 90 Nrm Insec 1 foe Lift the opponent in preparation for a slam, etc
Polish 1 Digi Stl Other N/A N/A N/A Stl Insec 1 foe Lowers Acc.
Recharge 1 Blah Elc Other N/A (50%) N/A Elc/Stl Insec self Restores HP
Self-Hypnosis 1 CJ Psy Other N/A N/A N/A Psy Insec self Halves Power, doubles HP/PP/Energy
Shadow Kick 1 Digi Drk Phys Yes 70 90 Drk/Ftg Insec 1 foe Damage
Stinkbug 1 Blah Bug Other N/A N/A 90 Bug/Psn Insec all Summons Pokemon of the opposite gender
Stone Spire 2 Halo Rck Spec No 100 75 Rck Insec 1 foe Can launch foe airborne
Theft 1 Digi Drk Other N/A N/A 90 Drk Insec 1 foe Steals a few items
Zen-Pluck 1 Digi Psy Other N/A N/A 100 Psy/Fly Insec 1 foe May steal one item