The Ice Pool is one of the seventeen Type Pools, available to any Pokemon that has the Ice-type.

Moves in this poolEdit

Name Lv By Type State Direct Power Acc. T. Pool Nature Range Effect
Chart of Moves in the Ice-type Pool
Chill 2 Snover Ice Other N/A N/A 70 Ice Timid all foes Causes freezing
Groundfrost 1 Digi Ice Other N/A N/A N/A Ice/Gnd Obliv ? foes Causes freeze
Hail Tornado 2 Blah Ice Other N/A N/A 100 Ice Frnd allies Sharply raises DEF and Evas.; user cannot move
Ice Decoy 1 Blah Ice Other N/A N/A 80 Ice Rand self Creates a quick substitute
Ice Pulse 1 Digi Ice Spec No 75 95 Wtr/Ice Strat 1 foe 30% chance of freeze
Ice Wall 2 Digi Ice Other N/A N/A 100 Ice Insec self Reflects Spec attacks
Icicle Shell 1 Inu Ice Other N/A N/A N/A Ice/Wtr Obliv self Direct attacks reflect 25% damage
Pokésicle 1 Digi Ice Phys Yes 20 75 Ice Rand 1 foe 50% chance of freeze
Thin Ice 1 Blah Ice Other N/A N/A 100 Ice Timid all Freezes the ground, making traction difficult

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