Heartbreak Hammer

Item Type


Canon Inventor


User Inventor




Short Effect Description

This hammer will pound the infatuation out of Pokemon.

The Heartbreak Hammer is an item that was created by Mew as a result of Dimension Number 2's Valentines Day create-an-item contest. This hammer is huge, and was mainly made for smacking the love out of any Pokemon. It keeps to the Valentine's Day theme with a hot pink handle and black hammer head. On the hammer head there is a half white, half black broken heart design, clearly reflecting the item's purpose.

When a Pokemon is infatuated, this hammer can be used to snap them out of it, and probably add a large bump to their head as well. If a Pokemon who is not infatuated is hit with the Heartbreak Hammer, two things may happen. The most common and sensible effect would be that the Pokemon hit will come to extremely dislike the user of the hammer. However, on rare occasions, a non-infatuated Pokemon may fall in love with the user. Both effects last for 24 hours.

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