Guardian Heart Pendant

Item Type


Canon Inventor


User Inventor

The D.J. C.J.

Short Effect Description

An item meant to be used by two Pokemon who care about each other.

The Guardian Heart Pendant is an item created by Mew as a result of Dimension Number 2's Valentines Day create-an-item contest. Guardian Heart Pendants come in twos and are meant to be used by two Pokemon who care about each other. In battle, if one Pokemon's HP hits critical, then the other Pokemon's power will double. However, if one Pokemon faints, the other Pokemon's power will be sliced into half of what it orginally was.

The effects of the pendents will fail if the two Pokemon are too far from each other. They can not be so far that they cannot see each other.

Also, each Pokemon can only use one set of pendents. They can only share a set with one other Pokemon and once the two wear the same set, they cannot change partners. Though that doesn't mean that they can't take the pendents off.

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