Setting Edit

"The area where all newcomers to the dimension first arrive. From here there are four paths to choose them."

Nestled in what could be considered the 'center' of the Dimension, the Gateway Meadow is a luscious green land, stretching out for seemingly miles, relatively peaceful. Despite few Pokemon actively living here - they would live in the other towns, usually, native Pokemon would often cross through here for a variety of reasons - despite the potential dangers of the roads leading to this meadow.

The meadow itself would have seemed a relatively simple place, of not much importance, until it became the place where humans were thrown upon entering the Dimension.

Adventures Edit

Seeing as all humans are unceremoniously dumped here upon getting abducted by the portal, there have been a great deal of adventures begun here. While some are lucky enough to have their situation explained to them, most of the DN2 natives are still new to the idea of 'humans' from another dimension, and so the newcomers are usually left with little more than their wits to solve the mystery of where they are and how to get home.

However, with a variety of different Pokemon frequenting the Gateway Meadow, it seems quite often that there is a native to the region whom is either interested in the humans, interested in the tales that they tell, or simply looking for some help. With this in mind, a lot of human newcomers - quite possibly all of them, though this hasn't been ascertained - often gain a partner here to travel with them through the Dimension and help them get accustomed to their situation.

Fate Edit

With the occurrence of the Dimensional Shift, the Creator's radical recreation of Dimension Number 2, the Gateway Meadow was effectively destroyed.

The effective 'replacements' for the Gateway Meadow are Daetus Field, Nirocci Field and Tunican Field, belonging to their respective continents of Daetus, Nirocci and Tunican.