A Form is, as its name implies, any form with its unique species, Power, gender, and other traits such as coloration and relative size. Most Pokemon have only one Form, but those with multiple forms can shape-shift between them at will. Forms are rare and hard to obtain, but there exist a few different methods for collecting and trading them.

A general limitation to forms is that a single Pokemon can only remain stable at up to six forms. With the seventh, the Pokemon will occasionally shift at random or against their will until the form is removed.

Forms and Power Edit

A Pokemon with multiple forms will gain Power primarily on the form that they currently take. In battle or through some other event, Power is mostly added to the current form, but each of the other forms will get a small boost as well - usually this is around 10% of the boost to the main form.

Power that is added via item, however, is only added to the current form. Most items do not add Power to multiple forms.

Ways to obtain Forms Edit

The following are the only known ways to obtain forms in the dimension:

Shift Pill Edit

An item known as the Shift Pill gives the user one Form based on their personality and mindset. Sometimes the form is random, but the user usually has some control over it.

Form Vial Edit

Form Vials are small, crystalline containers used to store and trade Forms from one Pokemon to another. Only the basic species and Power are stored within the Vial.

Thief Hammer Edit

Thief Hammer is an invention of Dr. Porygon, and when used as the finishing blow on a foe Pokemon, the form they are currently in is "stolen" and given to the user. The later Hammer models transfer the entire form, Power, gender, coloration and all, but some of the earlier versions limit the Power based on the individual and only transfer the species.

Masks Edit

Mask is more or less a portable, temporary form. The user can put it on to assume the form, and take it off to return to normal.