Form Vial

Item Type


Canon Inventor

The Creator

User Inventor




Short Effect Description

A mystical glass of crystal. It can store a Form to be traded with another Form Vial holder or sold.

The Form Vial is one of the lesser known entities of the world of DN2 at this time, but those that know about it say that it is massively handy. It is used to store a Pokemon's Form, and can then be transferred to another Pokemon, sold at a store, or placed in a storage area to use later.

Form trading is a vague practice, as it is difficult to obtain a second Form in the first place, let alone a Form Vial. However, Forms have always been in high demand in recent years, and nearly anyone with a full Vial can get a very high price for just about any Form. Prices for Forms can range from 500 to 10,000 Parabucks, or more.

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