The Flying Pool is one of the seventeen Type Pools, available to any Pokemon that has the Flying-type.

Moves in this poolEdit

Name Lv By Type State Direct Power Acc. T. Pool Nature Range Effect
Chart of Moves in the Flying-type Pool
Aerial Blast 2 Digi Fly Spec No 110 95 Fly Ttfl 1 foe Charge for one turn
Buddy Bullet 1 Blah Fly Phys No ? ? Fly Frnd 1 ally User throws ally at opponent
Dagger Feather 1 Halo Fly Phys No 20 100 Fly Strat 1 foe Five-hit
Dive Talon 1 Halo Nrm Phys Yes 60 100+ Fly Ttfl 1 foe Damage
Hurricane Force 1 Blah Fly Spec No 50 100 Fly Obliv EE May change positions of those hit
Ninja Wing 1 Digi Fly Phys Yes 65 100 Fly Insec 1 foe Damage
Plummet 1 Blah Fly Other N/A ? N/A Fly Timid 1 foe Carries a foe to drop them from an altitude
Soar Stomp 1 Digi Fly Phys Yes 40 95 Fly/Nrm Hasty 1 foe Damage
Speed Slash 1 Halo Nrm Phys Yes 50 100 Nrm/Fly Ruth 1 foe First-strike
Speed Stomp 1 Digi Nrm Phys Yes 70 90 Nrm/Fly Hasty 1 foe Damage
Spring Jump 2 Woms Fly Phys Yes 90 85 Nrm/Fly Rand 1 foe Damage
Updraft 1 Blah Fly Other N/A N/A 80 Fly Frnd Any Sends target airborne
Wyvern Blast 2 Digi Drg Spec No 150 50 Drg/Fly Ttfl ? foes Damage
Zen-Pluck 1 Digi Psy Other N/A N/A 100 Psy/Fly Insec 1 foe May steal one item