Exchange Cookie
Exchange Cookie

Item Type


Canon Inventor


User Inventor




Short Effect Description

This item can be used to power up and then switch forms between two Pokemon.

The Exchange Cookie is more then just a strangely colored sugar source. If two Pokemon each eat one half of it, this amazing cookie will increase the power of all their forms by 40%. However, in addition to that, it will also swap the two Pokemon's forms. All form-specific variables remain the same, such as coloration, Power (before the 40% boost), and gender.

The effects of the cookie are permanent, unless another cookie is consumed in the same manner.


Pokemon A is a Pikachu with a Riolu form. Pokemon B is a Squirtle with a Grovyle form. Pokemon A and Pokemon B shared an Exchange Cookie. Now Pokemon A is a Squirtle with a Grovyle form, and Pokemon B is a Pikachu with a Riolu form.

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