Elemental Bracelet

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Short Effect Description

They come in 17 varieties, one for each type. While wearing one, the strength of all moves that are a matching type will be amplified.

An Elemental Bracelet is one of 17 different varieties of bracelets, each one a different color corresponding to its type, which enhances the strength of the Pokemon's moves of that particular type by about 50%, give or take. For example, a Pokemon with a Normal (white) Bracelet will see improvement in its Tackle or Slash attack, and etc.

Multiple bracelets can be used at the same time, but if two bracelet types conflict with one another, the boost is diminished to around 25% (or 12.5% if there are two different conflicts). For instance, if a Pokemon wears three bracelets: Fire, Water, and Ice, the Fire Bracelet will boost Fire-type moves by only 12.5% (two conflicts), and the Water and Ice Bracelets will each boost their types by 25% (one conflict each).