Dr. Kevin Porygon is a native Pokemon of Dimension Number 2. He is a scientist who has skill in several fields, including chemistry, biology, robotics, and mechanics.

His lab is located in Aina Forest (North Road before the Dimensional Shift), where he spends most of his time working on inventions, potions, and the like.

Currently, he has only one part-time employee, Jennifer, who is allowed to show up whenever she feels like and help out around the lab with odd jobs. Other than that, Porygon prefers the solitude of working alone in a forest.

Despite his seclusion, he gets visited often. He doesn't mind company every now and then, and he is usually very hospitible towards guests, offering them food, a room, and occasionally some of his inventions.


Dr. Porygon is no different appearance-wise from an ordinary Porygon, although he always has a distinguished, thoughtful look to his eyes.


Dr. Porygon is humble and modest for a scientist. Though his preferred life is that of a hermit, living alone in his own little world, he rarely minds visitors and will often try to make friends with them. He also tends to ramble about the most obscure things, and can often be seen talking to himself. When it comes to conflict, Porygon usually panics, and/or tries to talk it out with his adversaries. He never gets into a fight if he can help it, but if all else fails, he will not hesitate to switch over to battle mode.

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