Double Clone

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Move Type

Dark; Other






Drk; Sadst



Base effect

Creates clones

The user clones him/herself with solidified clones. These clones each act independantly of the original, and poof into smoke when they come in contact with any attack of the foe's. These clones can each perform physical attacks, physical moves and stat-changing moves (such as Tail Whip, Growl, etc.), but cannot use special moves or status inflicting moves (such as Attract, Confuse Ray or Poisonpowder). Any Advanced Moves that are used for damage purposes have their base Power cut in half. If the move has a side effect (other than negative for the user--Recoil or forcing the user to become confused due to fatigue, for example--), the side-effect will have a 0% chance of occuring. If the move's only use is to cause a side effect (such as Poison, Stat-altering, etc.), it will fail. The user and the clone's strengths are divided by the number of clones, but when the clone is taken out, the strength from the clone is returned to the user. Although, as long as the clones are out, the more the user's strength is drained, and the drained strength shows on the clones as well. Any Pokemon that can learn Double Team can also learn this move.