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Welcome to Dimension Number 2's Wiki

The DN2 Wiki is a place to organize all information, special rules, databases, users, and everything else related to the Pokemon Roleplay and its community. Let there be no doubts on how certain things work in this massive game.

Oh and hey guys, feel free to edit, create articles, and do whatever. Such a huge project is a great boredom killer, and hey, if you do enough work I might make it worth your while for your character... :}


  • 1/25/2010 - I do believe that we have finished all we needed to do with the Advanced Move pages. Now, we can simply edit everything in when we update something or add a new move. Whoopee!
  • 11/??/2009 - WELCOME TO THE LAND OF FUUUUUUN. Celebrating the DN2 Wiki's "lazy" launch. Hopefully, we'll make a LOT of use out of this place, and it will clarify every little question our valued members and staff have.

Dimension Number 2Edit

Dimension Number 2 is a Pokemon roleplaying website much more unique than many others that may be out there. If you're looking for adventure, excitement, or just want a place to get away from the woes and worries of everyday life, enter the portal. The Creator has a universe just for you, where you can live liberally and on no one's watch but your own. All levels of literacy are welcome, and there are no overly-complicated rules that you need to keep track of. What are you waiting for? Claim your residence in paradise today!