Dimension Number 2 (DN2 for short) is a dimension parallel to the dimension in which humans normally reside (dubbed DN1). Its physics are quite similar to those of DN1's, as there is a lush planet with gravity, and a universe full of star systems and galaxies.

This dimension is the main setting of the entire roleplay.


Little can be certain about the creation of the dimension; it is said that the Creator utilized the power of the Insanity Orb to forge a new universe of his own. According to speculation, The Insanity Orb is actually an artifact from DN1 which was acquired somehow by the Creator, though most stories imply that he, being a normal resident of DN1 himself, stole it.


The planet on which most of the story takes place is inhabited entirely by Pokemon of all species. No other living being exists there, besides humans who were captured from their home dimension (presumably by the Creator's ill intentions, though some other theories have been floating around). Upon arrival into the dimension, a human is transformed instantly into a Pokemon.

The main, currently unnamed planet contains three major continents: Daetus, Nirocci, and Tunican. Each contains its own unique biomes, landmarks, and ecosystems, though Pokemon usually are not restrained to a particular continent (or climate, for that matter) by species.

Other notable areas include the Ehgle Ocean, the entire body of water separating the three continents, Drakumulus, a region far up in the clouds, and the occasional island or archepelago.

No attempt at space travel has been made as of yet, and astronomic technology is quite primitive, so it is unknown whether there are any significant planets, solar systems, or cosmic formations outside of the aforementioned planet.

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