The Creator Edit

There is one godly figure in the second dimension. Most native Pokemon in Dimension Number 2 have agreed on one name for him: the Creator. From his Creator Castle, it watches over all the goings-on in the dimension, intervening only where and when it sees fit - which is rare, but more common than one would think.

The Creator himself is almost completely shrouded in mystery - aside from it having virtually unlimited power over the dimension and almost everything in it, it is unknown who it is, or even what it's overall plans are. However, it is known to be incredibly intelligent, being able to design not only Pokemon, but also incredibly powerful but less intelligent robotic guardians, such as the guardian of the Imposing Mountains. It is also rather megalomanical - it has power and has no qualms about flaunting it when it feels like doing so. It has taken credit for the Dimensional Shift, though few if any of the humans are aware of this yet.

However, while the Creator can be considered a dictator, it also feels that it is doing this for good reasons - it detests the first Dimension (i.e. Earth) and it's corrupted lifestyle, which is why it is kidnapping humans and bringing them into its own Dimension, the side-effect being that the humans are turned into Pokemon. However, he enjoys the writings of William Shakespeare.

The only thing that the Creator does not have control over is the humans that reside in Dimension Number 2. However, it would seem that it wants the humans to live as they choose in its world - as long as they don't try to escape.