Counter Shield

Submitted by


Move Type

Steel; Other






Stl; Frind



Base effect

Reflects attacks under 100 power for one turn

The user creates a reflective shield in front of him. If struck by a direct move, the power from the attack is rebounded back at the attacker. If struck by an projectile, then it is rebounded back towards the opponent with 1.5x the inital Power. However, this move takes a while to build up and uses a lot of energy. As such, it can't be used very often. Average time in-between uses is about 20 minutes. This changes depending on the physical strength of the user. Most handy for shielding you and/or allies, as it cannot be broken unless the attacking move has a Base Power of over 100. Or if the attacker is at least 1.5x stronger than the user. The move itself lasts only for a few seconds. Therefore, the user must also be able to time his/her use of the move near-perfectly.

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