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Five different flavors of candy with varying effects.

These widely-manufactured candies are quite common and also quite delectable. They are often used as the prime source of sweets for Halloween, and each one has a unique effect that can be utilized in battle.

In addition, three of them can be mixed together to create a new item.

Types of CandiesEdit

There are five types of candy in circulation, each one with a distinct flavor that can be found in nature.

Spicy CandyEdit

The red candy has a very spicy flavor, and is made from concentrated Cheri Berry. When eaten, the candy will temporarily boost the consumer's Power by around 25%, for 5 minutes.

Dry CandyEdit

The blue candy is known for being exceptionally dry. It is made from concentrated Chesto Berry. This candy makes the user more hardy, and they will take less damage in battle for 5 minutes.

Sweet CandyEdit

The pink candy is immesurably sweet, and is made from concentrated Pecha Berry. Eating this candy will recover the user from any status problem they may have, as a Lum Berry would do, and also restore a little bit of health.

Sour CandyEdit

The yellow candy is lip-puckeringly sour, and is made from concentrated Aspear Berry. This treat will increase the speed and reaction time of the user, making them and their attacks faster for 5 minutes.

Bitter CandyEdit

The green candy is delightfully bitter. Rawst Berry is used in the production of this candy. If consumed, the user's mind will sharpen; their accuracy, evasion, and critical hit ratio will increase for 5 minutes.

Candy MixingEdit

Most towns have a facility in which you can mix three types of candy together and create an entirely new item. The item may vary from being a useless food item such as a Gingerbread Man or a Raisin, to being genuinely useful such as a Power Lemonade or a Shift Pill. There are 35 different combinations of the 5 different candies, each one producing a different result. Many of the combinations are unknown at this time, but this industry is not enthusiastic enough to experiment and perfect the combinations.

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