Bob is one of the humans abducted by the portal into Dimension Number 2. His life in his homeworld proved to be far too boring for him, and so he did not hesitate to enter the second dimension. Bob has no clear goal but to make friends, explore new places, and have exciting adventures.

So far, the only real long-term friend he had made is a disturbed Wingull, nicknamed "Buddy" by Bob himself. The poor seagull has been forced to submit to Bob's many acts of randomness and goofing-off, and although he occasionally tries to nudge Bob back in the right direction, he usually just squawks futile objections from the sidelines. Ultimately, he leaves Bob to do his own thing, which is probably a smart move.

Bob is currently in Tyric Town, relaxing with his Buddy.

Apprearance Edit

Tall and rather muscular. Bob's hair is middle-length and straight, reaching his shoulders and is striped with orange and purple. It took him days to get the dyes in just right, and he takes great pride in it. No one really knows what color his eyes are because he wears thick orange-tinted sunglasses all the time. He says his eyes are pink, but he lets people believe what they want. His skin is slightly suntanned in a shade that he brags goes with the orange in his hair really nicely. He also spends a lot of his time keeping his teeth shiny and white.

He usually wears a black shirt and a denim vest, leaving most of his arms exposed. His wrists carry two "manly" bracelets: orange on his right hand and purple on his left. He wears black jeans long enough to cover his ankles.

As a Zigzagoon, his fur is patterned with alternating colors of orange and purple, similarly to his hair. In addition, his fur is slightly longer than normal. His sunglasses seem to have disappeared in the portal, revealing his odd pink eyes for all to see.

Personality Edit

Work in progress.