Birthday Zapper

Item Type


Canon Inventor


User Inventor


Short Effect Description


This nifty thunderbolt-shaped item is prone to mysteriously appear in a character's inventory at any given time. When the Birthday Zapper is thrown at someone, it will usually result in that target's instant KO. Besides being able to feel like Zeus for a day, the user will immediately receive all the money, power and item rewards that they would have if they had just defeated the target in battle.

While the Birthday Zapper does KO most Pokemon, it can bounce off of some really tough Pokemon. Judgement and luck is key when aiming this thing.

Note: When someone on the site has a birthday, they will usually find a PM in their inbox stating that they have been given a Birthday Zapper. They are then free to give the Birthday Zapper to any of their characters(one Birthday Zapper per birthday).

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